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Top Traders Unplugged 

By Moritz Seibert March 20, 2024

A Fundamental Approach to Commodities ft. Ricardo Leiman & Pedro Marion

Wall Street Journal 

By Weilun Soon April 29, 2023

China’s Oil Strategy Mixes Diplomacy and a Domestic Drilling Push


By Suzy Waite October 4, 2018

Commodities Veteran Leiman Readies Hedge Fund as Sector Recovers

Financial Times 

By Chris Flood and Harry Dempsey June 13, 2023

Fund managers cut commodity allocations as China demand doubts grow


By Nishant Kumar and Jack Farchy February 15, 2022.

Commodity Veteran Leiman's Hedge Fund Soared 94% Last Year


By Eric Onstad and Maiya Keidan August 7, 2018

New commodity funds seek to lure wary investors after giants falter

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